Nigerian Scammers Must Adapt to Social Media or Die

Nigerian scammers, offer millions of dollars and get laughed at.

Facebook scammers, offer Cheesecake Factory vouchers and get otherwise smart people to fall for it.

Nigerian scammers need to adapt to Social Media…

Dear Sir:

My name is Mouhlac Hakzin, I am the nephew of a famous Nigerian politician who passed away in an airplane crasch last month.I have just found that there were two $50 (fifty dollar) Chese Cake Factory vouchers and 2 (two) Southwest Airlines ticket in his underwear drawer. His wife has no idea they were there, I am sure.

I have searched the Internet and found you to be a good candidate I can trust with total confidence. I appreciate your integrity and write this letter to ask you to help me to redeeme the vouchers.

In exchange for your services, I will share the Cheesecake dinner desert with you and give you the peanut bags from the Southwest flight.

In order to complete this transaction, I kindly request that you give me your Facebook account details and post “Free Tickets” to your Facebook page (this step is very important, as we want only your close friends to know about this deal).

Mr. Mouhlac Hakzin
Special Commisioner- Department of finance
Lagos, Nigeria

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