Let’s Grab Coffee

I believe in random encounters. I believe in free exchanges. But, because of professional context, a lot of people ask me to “grab a coffee”. I just cannot do it with everyone who asks.

Meeting someone takes work and time. I prepare to meet people and follow-up on meetings. So you are asking for at least a couple of hours of my time.

Your request is not random, you want my time for something of your interest. So, before I give you a couple of hours of my time, spend a couple of yours researching and convincing me it is going to be worth it.

If you are trying to sell me something (a product, a service, a project, an idea)… Make sure I am a good candidate to need it. Write a compelling summary of what that is.

If you are seeking my opinion or advice… I like to and often share my thoughts and experiences with others. Make sure you know the questions you want me to answer and that you are prepared to listen to it. Make sure to read what I have already written on the subject. When you contact me, provide enough context for me to judge whether or not I can help.

If you want a favor… Why should I help? Am I contributing to a better world?  If I help you, how are you going to help me? Am I somehow unique in the ability to help? Why me?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to meet me, but doesn’t have any specific request, then meet me at one of the events involving the entrepreneurship community in the SF Bay Area.

If you just want access to my network of relationships because someone told you I am well-connected… I am not. And relationships are inherited through relationships, you cannot access mine without being part of the network. Build your own relationships, one person at a time.