Half Day Tour of Silicon Valley by Marcio

 Map and step-by-step directions

Many people who come to visit San Francisco also have a special interest in technology. While travel guides will offer many suggestions of walking tours in the city or day trips to Monterey and the Wine Country, you won’t find a good tour of the Silicon Valley.

So, after taking many friends to see great Silicon Valley titans, I’ve built this map and step-by-step directions, so you can see several sites (Palo Alto, HP Garage, Stanford University, Tesla, Facebook, Museum of Computer History, Microsoft, Google, NASA, Yahoo!) in a very efficient way.

This can be done in half day at a quick pace or a full day at a slower pace. It can be easily extended to include Intel/Cisco by adding a couple more miles South on Hwy 101. It doesn’t include Apple (further South in Cupertino).

To see the map with the step-by-step instructions and descriptions of the sights, click on the “See Larger Map” and look at it from the Google Maps site (you will also be able to download/print it).

Let me know how it works for you.

3 thoughts on “Half Day Tour of Silicon Valley by Marcio

  1. What a fantastic idea, Marcio – and it’s really nicely, nicely done. I hope more folks do creative travel planning/sharing like this. You should challenge @berkson0 to do the same for an NY/NJ field trip.

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