Monarch Butterflies – Santa Cruz, CA

Every year during winter time, the Monarch butterflies migrate from Northern areas and congregate around the exact same branches of Eucalyptus trees near Natural Bridges Beach in Santa Cruz, CA.

The Monarches are one of the longest-lived butterfly species, with some living up to 12 months.

The fact that they live for about a year means that the butterflies that come back next year won’t be the same individuals. They will be their descendants, but will still gather around the same branches, on the same trees, on the same beach in Santa Cruz.

3 thoughts on “Monarch Butterflies – Santa Cruz, CA

  1. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and my daughter took me to the theater to see Flight of the Monarchs in 3D. It was wonderful and oh so beautiful. To my disappointment they only mentioned the Monarchs traveling from Canada to Mexico and going no further west than Texas. Well I was starting to doubt my own mind until I discovered your web page. Thank you so much for restoring what I knew to be true because I’ve been there, I’ve seen them and took my daughter when she was a child to see the trees vibrate with color and wonder. Its a breathtaking experience. I am truly grateful to you.

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