My First Book – Or Almost

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Since I was a child, I have nurtured the thought of one day writing a book. With the emergence of the digital medium, I worry that books might not be a mainstream method of dissemination of ideas for too long, so there is some sense of urgency in fulfilling my dream.

I am still going to write a proper book one day, but in the meantime I have joined John Lima, an old friend, and co-wrote a small booklet on the transition from a culture defined by the print medium to a future society primarily influenced by the digital medium.

Since the time I got involved with the Free Software movement in the early 90’s I had thought about how community-based work can be powerful if we let people collaborate freely. John introduced me to Marshall McLuhan, whose work provided the analytical framework for our text.

It is ironic to have a booklet that talks about the end of the print medium available in printed paper format, but we wrote it for old-fashioned people. If you select the “Social Media” category in this site, you can check my ideas on the subject.

The Click Company was sponsored by and is Copyright (c) Coffee Bean Technology, the company I work for. The interactive version of the book is in The Click Company Community.

If you would like to check the booklet, it is freely available online and you can even order printed copies here.