Marcio Looking for New Directions

Having just completed a cycle in my professional journey, I am now looking for a new job or project, new directions. Thank you for visiting this page and the willingness to read about me and help in the search.

What I do next is as much the opportunities that emerge when I ask friends as it is what I deliberate introspectively. Life is not what we do, but the people we touch along the way.

In my history, I have stayed with companies for many years so these moments of disruption and redirecting are very few. I can afford the time and reflection to find a new pursuit. We are not in a hurry…

What can I do?

You can check my LinkedIn Profile for more structured detail, but if we throw my résumé and professional profiles into a blender, you get something like this:

I can also climb mountains, take nice photographs, play chess, be a good friend. But I digress.

What am I looking for?

Wherever I land, I want to be in an environment where I  can interact with smart people, in an open environment with collaboration and transparency.

Being more specific (but not much), here are a few possible scenarios:

  • Head of Technology, Marketing, Strategy in a small to mid-sized technology company
  • Product, BizDev, Marketing, or Engineering Management in a larger organization
  • Partner in a technology startup, consulting or analyst firm
  • Independent consultant in anything I can help with

As for domain knowledge, I’ve worked 15+ years at vendors of Networking/IT Systems and the past 3 years involved with Social CRM and Social Media Marketing.

If you have product ideas waiting for execution, perhaps I can help. I have a few ideas myself and if you think we could work together, let’s talk.

The world is small these days, but if location is still important, my home is in San Jose-CA, USA. I can travel. I’ve had broad international exposure though business and personal background.

What can you do for me?

You have already done it. Thank you. After having read this, I am sure you are thinking of something.

I am taking this unusual action of writing about my job search publicly to increase the probability of connecting with the right person through my personal network. So, if you know someone, feel free to forward…

Need links? LinkedIn ProfilePersonal WebsiteGoogle Marcio Saito – Twitter

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