Born in Brazil, grandson of Japanese immigrants, naturalized US citizen. Growing up in a poor suburb of São Paulo, transitioning into academic life, and then moving to Silicon Valley in 1993 taught me to adapt to my surroundings while not to belonging anywhere.

Professionally, I am a strategist with equal portions of technology and business.  I’ve lived an amazing journey helping to build a company from scratch, leading large organizations, and working as part of a corporate structure.

I am a part-time thinker, mountaineer, world traveler, futurist, wine snob, photographer, writer, chess player, snowboarder. Though trained as an analyst, I relate well to people on the creative edge and know that the important answers are neither in the models we construct nor in what we perceive.

I am generally cautious and conservative, but capable of boldness at the important crossroads in life.

This blog is where you will find my general random thoughts.

My professional profile is on Linkedin.

If you are looking for Entrepreneurship content in Portuguese, I have moved it all to http://DiretoDoVale.com.

I am exploring Fiction Writing and there is a site dedicated to it: MarcioSaitoWriting