Thank you for visiting. I value personal connections, be them permanent or transient.

Please use the form below to contact me. Professionally, I typically collaborate with other players in the start-up ecosystem (I’ve acted as founder, buyer, investor, coach, mentor, blogger, board member), or help established companies with their product or marketing strategy and execution. Enterprise Data Center, Hardware and Software Development, Telecom, Social Media are some of my areas of expertise. My interests can change over time, but I am currently playing with fiction writing, beer and wine, photography, mountaineering, snowboarding.

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Unless otherwise indicated, I wrote the content in this site and everything I publish under my name. The posts represent my views and opinions when I wrote it. I often change my mind and learn new things, so I might think differently now. There is some leak of content between my personal and professional activities and I try to keep them aligned but my blog posts don’t necessarily represent the views and opinions of my past, present or future employers. Quote and use content if you find anything useful, but please attribute and link back.


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