Born in Brazil, grandson of Japanese immigrants, naturalized US citizen. Growing up in a poor suburb of São Paulo, transitioning into academic life, and then moving to Silicon Valley in 1993 taught me to adapt to my surroundings while not to belonging anywhere.

Professionally, I am a strategist with equal portions of technology and business. In my career, I helped pioneer the Open Source Movement and shape the Data Center Infrastructure Management market.  I lived an amazing journey helping to build a company from scratch, leading large organizations, and working as part of a corporate structure. In recent years, I have dedicated mostly of my efforts to entrepreneurship (as an entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, investor).

I am a part-time thinker, mountaineer, world traveler, futurist, wine snob, beer drinker, photographer, writer, chess player, snowboarder. Though trained as an analyst, I relate well to people on the creative edge and know that the important answers are neither in the models we construct nor in what we perceive.

I am generally cautious and careful, but capable of boldness at the important crossroads in life.

This blog is where you will find my general random thoughts.

My professional profile is on Linkedin.

If you are looking for Entrepreneurship content in Portuguese, I have moved it all to http://DiretoDoVale.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, I wrote the content in this site. The posts represent my views and opinions at the time I wrote it. I often change my mind and learn new things, so I might think differently now. There is some leak of content between my personal and professional activities and I try to keep them aligned but my blog posts don’t necessarily represent the views and opinions of my past, present or future employers. Quote and use content if you find anything useful, but please attribute and link back.